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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your Question Answered: Social Justice

Well I got this question a few weeks ago....October 20th to be exact. It was made by Auntie Amanda. I have been extremely busy with everything going on so I did not have all the time to write about this. So here goes....

Question: "I am curious though, as to your views on social justice? I think the Bible makes is explicit that we are to take care of the poor. I know the argument is that the Church should take care of the poor - not the government, but at the same time, Christians are trying to legislate the "church" as government and lead this country with christian principles. It seems like a contradiction to me."

So let's start with the proper role of government... What is the proper role of government? In my opinion, the proper role of government is to protect it's citizens. That's it. There is no room for more. Unfortunately, the U.S. government has gone beyond protecting it's citizens, and in a way, has forgotten to protect it's citizens at some times.

So my views on social justice as to what role government has in helping the poor is this: I believe government should play no role in helping the poor. But on the other hand, government does need to cut back in other places too. The government manipulation of the money supply is a direct cause of a great population of poor or homeless people.

These past few years has been an awesome example of what I'm trying to explain right now. Normally, our unemployment rate runs at about 4% which is actually pretty high. But because of the government's increased manipulation of the money supply our unemployment rate has risen to beyond 7% I wouldn't be surprised if it was even higher.

So in order to cut back on the poor population, the government must cut back on the manipulation of the money supply. Also equally responsible is the governments taxes. Right now, here in the United States, the poor get a lower tax rate than the rich which is also wrong. In some instances, the poor may not even have to pay taxes while the rich are paying up to 90% of their income on taxes. I believe the solution to this problem is to abolish the income tax altogether. It is possible.

When the United States was first established, there was no income tax. The only tax that was placed was the 10% import sales tax. That was it. That was enough to protect the people and it didn't leave much room for big government. The U.S. survived without any income tax for nearly 150 years. In the early 1900's though, the U.S. congress passed the income tax which is the 16th amendment I believe. This enforcement of the income tax along with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1910 was a direct cause of the Great Depression and a direct cause of the Economic turmoil we are in today.

But let's get back to the original subject: social justice. So as you see, the reason that we have so many homeless and poor people is because of the government. Now even if there was no government there would be some poor people, but not nearly as many. If you look at other countries with a low unemployment rate, you can almost be sure the government has little to do with the money supply.

So who helps those poor people that don't have a government to support them? Charitable organizations. In fact, charitable organizations do a much better job helping the poor than the government could ever do. For example, during a big natural disaster, who responds to the scene first? Usually, a charitable organization such as the Red Cross, is there with supplies ready before the natural disaster even happens. They do a much better job at delivering the assistance needed than the government does.

So when the citizens are not forced to pay taxes to help the poor, they now have the money (which otherwise would be payed to the government) to donate to a charitable organization. There are many charitable organizations out there which do much for the poor.

So that is my view on social justice. I hope it is not confusing. If you have any more questions, just let me know!

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