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Friday, October 10, 2008

California 3rd and 4th District Candidates...

I've finally found all the congressional candidates running for Sacramento County. Republican Dan Lugren and Democrat Bill Durston are the two party candidates. I don't fully agree on everything they say.

I do however think that the Libertarian candidate Art Tuma is the best candidate. He lines up most to the constitution. Although he falters in a few areas, for the most part he is a constitutionalist. Here is his website for further information:

For California Assembly in California's 3rd District, Dan Logue. Website:

Just because I list these websites does not mean I agree with everything they say. I just believe they are the best candidates running. In my opinion, "best" means constitutionally accurate. In other words they go by the constitution.

In our district, Placer County (4th Congressional District), I've already mentioned Tom McClintock. Here is his website again:

And for the assembly we have no choice in the matter, there is only one candidate: Ted Gaines which is our assemblyman now. Here is his campaign website if you want to check it out:

That's all for now!

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