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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Federal Candidates for Congress

Hello Everyone!

With the election coming up, I've been searching for the best candidates for congress. Of course, Ron Paul is running again as a representative of Texas. Here is a list of some of the best candidates that I've found so far...I urge you to support them. For those of us in Placer county....Tom McClintock would be the best. His website is listed along with the others below:

Congressman Ron Paul - Texas, 14th Congressional District

B.J. Lawson - North Carolina, 4th Congressional District

Paul Broun - Georgia, 10th Congressional District

Congressman Walter Jones - North Carolina, 3rd Congressional District

Congressman Doug Lamborn - Colorado, 5th Congressional District

Congresman Roscoe Bartlett - Maryland, 6th Congressional District

Collins Bailey - Maryland, 5th Congressional District

Virgil Goode - Virginia, 5th Congressional District

Congressman Denny Rehberg, Montana, Single District

George Morovich - Texas, 25th Congressional District

George Lilly - Colorado, 1st Congressional District

Barb Davis White - Minnesota, 5th Congressional District

Michael Delavar - Washington, 3rd Congressional District

Congressman Scott Garrett - New Jersey, 5th Congressional District

Delia Lopez - Oregon, 3rd Congressional District

Jaynee Germond - Oregon, 4th Congressional District

Tom McClintock - California, 4th Congressional District

Richard Matthews - Maryland, 2nd Congressional District

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Raymond Smalley said...

Dear Shane,

I am contacting you on behalf of Joel Dykstra, Tom McClintock, Steve Stivers, and Marion Thorpe. I am writing because this campaign respects your impressive website which showcases your immense talent.

Blogs are underutilized in politics. This campaign is interested in developing a strong relationship with blogs across the nation, yours included. Please contact upon receiving this e-mail, as I would like future communication.

Raymond Smalley

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