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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Economics in One Lesson

Most of you have probably seen the "homemade advertisment" for the book "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Haz. I highly recomend reading this book. It is awesome. When I first started reading it...I couldn't put it down. After I was done with just the first chapter I saw the world...and the way things work from a whole new perspective. It was amazing how I could spot the causes of our economic problems.

It has become one of my favorite books. I can't stress enough the importance of it. I think that it should be required reading in all schools. In fact in a lot of private schools it is required reading. Teachers know the importance of this book.

Public schools most likely don't want their students reading it because of the fact that it tells you that government intervention is one of the main roots of all our economic problems.

Anyway...I could go on an on....but all I can say is this: get a copy of this book. It's only $12. You can buy it here.
Another great book that I highly recommend for beginners in economics is Richard Maybury's "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy" You can buy that book here.

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