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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Win in Kentucky and Oregon!

Well Ron Paul's son Rand Paul won the primaries in Kentucky last night. This is a great win for the Revolution. Although my recommendation for Jaynee Germond in Oregon's 4th district lost, Oregon's 3rd district saw a great constitutional candidate win, Delia Lopez. Hopefully we will see these great liberty-fighting candidates make a complete victory in November and we'll have them working for us - We the people- by next year.

We need to have a win here in CA also. I strongly urge you to support the and vote for the candidates I listed in an earlier post. Out of all the candidates listed, I believe Senate Candidate Chuck Devore has great potential. Although he is still far from winning the primary, his support has been surging.

Also we are looking foward to a win in CA's 10th district. Gary Clift is the constitutionalist running for Represenatative. Please support him at:

Also in CA's 8th district we have John Dennis that is looking good in the polls. Please if you live in the San Francisco area vote John Dennis: This would be a critical win as if he wins the primaries, he will be facing Nacy Pelosi in November.

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