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Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 California Elections

The California primary elections are upon us. I decided to post candidates and their websites that I believe would be the best able to serve. These candidates are the ones that are mostly aligned to the constitution and are for limited government and individual freedom. Many of these have a slim chance of winning but remember that every vote counts so don't put off voting this election. This is a very important election. All the candidates listed below are Republican.

My choice for Governor: Lawrence Naritelli

My choice for Lieutenant governor: Sam Aanestad

My choice for Secretary of State: Orly Taitz

My choice for Controller: David Evans

Only choice for Treasurer (better than the democrat): Mimi Walters

My choice for Attorney General: John Eastman

My choice for Insurance Commissioner: Mike Villines

My choice for Board of Equalization, 2nd District: Alan Nakanishi

My choice for United States Senator: Chuck Devore

And for CA's 4th district I support the following candidates:

My choice for U.S. Representative (4th District): Tom McClintock

My choice for State Senator (4th District): Rick Keene

My choice for State Assembly (4th District): Ted Gaines

My positions on the propositions:

Yes on Prop 13
No on Prop 14
No on Prop 15
Yes on Prop 16
Yes on Prop 17

For CA district 3 here are the candidates I recommend:

For Representative (District 3): Jerry Liedecker (Constitution party) or Dan Lungren (Republican party), I prefer Jerry Liedecker
Jerry Liedecker:
Dan Lungren:

Also I wanted to metion that Ron Paul's son Rand Paul, who is running for United States Senate, is doing very well in the polls. We are hoping he will win in the primaries on May 18th in Kentucky. Rand Paul's campaign site:

On May 18th there is a primary election in Oregon also. I recommend voting for Jaynee Germond (for Congress) if you live in Oregon's 4th district. She's a great constitutional congressional candidate:

I also have some good news. BJ Lawson, running for Congress in North Carolina's 4th district won in the Republican primaries a few weeks ago. We are hoping this freedom fighter will win in the November general election and be representing us next year! Check out his website:

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