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Monday, June 1, 2009

Tell your State Senator to Vote NO on SB 60!

SB 60 bill passed out of the Appropriations Committee 7 yes, 5 no, 1 did not vote and is on it's way to the full California State Senate for a vote. They could vote on SB 60 this coming week!

This bill, if passed, puts into place the REAL ID ACT of 2005 aka the NATIONAL ID CARD. This will have more of your personal info on it and it will also have a microchip in it. The DMV has said it's going to cost the state over 500 million dollars to put into place and the Feds are not going to help with the money on this, and the State will have to hire 600 more state workers. Do we really need more State workers?

Now is the time for action! Please contact your California State Senator and tell them to vote NO ON SB 60. Also, please pass this on to your friends and family to do the same!

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Anonymous said...

Help! Stop! Red Alert! Call 911!

Yawn, Another perceived crisis!

As exciting as a bucket of raw milk.

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