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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's Bring H.R. 450 to a vote!

John Shadegg's 'Enumerated Powers Act' if passed, would require Congress to "specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes."

Recently Congress has passed several bills that are unconstitutional. No where in the constitution does it give them the authority to pass such bills. According to the Tenth Amendment, any powers not given to the Congress (by the Constitution) are left up to the states and people.

Contact your representative today and ask them to bring John Shadegg's "Enumerated Powers Act" (also known as H.R. 450) to a vote. Also ask them to co-sponsor the bill if they haven't already. Here is the list of co-sponsors (38 total):

Rep Michele Bachmann [MN-6], Rep Brian P. Bilbray [CA-50], Rep Rob Bishop [UT-1], Rep Marsha Blackburn [TN-7], Rep John Boozman [AR-3], Rep Paul C. Broun [GA-10], Rep K. Michael Conaway [TX-11], Rep Geoff Davis [KY-4], Rep Jeff Flake [AZ-6], Rep Virginia Foxx [NC-5], Rep Trent Franks [AZ-2], Rep Scott Garrett [NJ-5], Rep Louie Gohmert [TX-1], Rep Bob Goodlatte [VA-6], Rep Dean Heller [NV-2], Rep Wally Herger [CA-2], Rep Peter Hoekstra [MI-2], Rep Sam Johnson [TX-3], Rep John Kline [MN-2], Rep Doug Lamborn [CO-5], Rep Connie Mack [FL-14], Rep Michael T. McCaul [TX-10], Rep Thaddeus G. McCotter [MI-11], Rep Patrick T. McHenry [NC-10], Rep Jeff Miller [FL-1], Rep Sue Wilkins Myrick [NC-9], Rep Ron Paul [TX-14], Rep Ted Poe [TX-2], Rep David P. Roe [TN-1], Rep Paul Ryan [WI-1], Rep Pete Sessions [TX-32], and Rep Lynn A. Westmoreland [GA-3].

Here are some of the co-sponsors who co-sponsored this bill in the last Congress, but have yet to do so in the 111th Congress -- look for your Representative, they might need an encouraging phone call. Mr. MARCHANT, Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Mr. AKIN, and Mr. BISHOP of New York.

To determine who your representative is you can visit and type in your zip code. has a web form where you can e-mail your representative directly from that page.

To read the text of H.R. 450 visit:

Unlike recent bailouts that were hundreds if not thousands of pages long, this bill only takes 2 minutes to read. Contact your congressman today to support this bill.


MickeyWhite said...

Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn (7th District Representative, Republican), wants to look beyond current issues towards new structures and forms of cooperation between the European Union and the United States.

Yes, my fellow Americans, my congressman is not only promoting the Transatlantic Partnership, she is a Member. Does she represent the Constitution and We the People, or does she represent the European Union ?

Why isn’t the News media covering this?

What is the TPN? TPN has been created to promote a strong and stable partnership between the US and Europe, to influence its priorities and help to drive its development. It is a transatlantic “network of networks” whose membership is a unique blend of business, political and academic experience.

Man, I wish Marsha would READ the United States of America’s Constitution.

POLITICAL SUPPORT– The European Parliament has voted resolutions in May 2004 and in January 2005 in which the concept of completing the transatlantic market by 2015 is supported. Furthermore, the Parliament also agreed that the transatlantic partners should update the 1995 New Transatlantic Agenda, replacing it with a ‘Transatlantic Partnership Agreement”. These ideas were further endorsed in reports by Elmar Brok MEP and Erika Mann MEP approved by the European Parliament in May 2006. (This line of approach has also been supported by Francisco Mill├ín Mon’s report - March 2009).The US House of Representatives has also passed a resolution endorsing the concept of a “Transatlantic Partnership Agreement” between the EU and the US.
BUSINESS SUPPORT – Leaders of the Transatlantic Business community were present at the launch of the Strategy Document. They have consequently endorsed the idea of a Barrier Free Transatlantic Market and continue to work towards the removal of all barriers to trade and investment. Their reports to the US-EU Summit held in Vienna in June 2006, Washington in 2007, and Ljubljana in 2008 have clearly endorsed this strategic objective.
Given this basis, the President of the European Council at the time, Angela Merkel, launched the concept of the transatlantic market in 2007 during the early stages of the German Presidency of the EU. This resulted in the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) being set up at the EU-US Summit in April 2007. This body now handles a wide range of issues of vital importance to transatlantic business.

So Marsha Blackburn wants to have the transatlantic market in place by 2015, she wants a Transatlantic Assembly (like Parliament), and she (of-course) wants to give them hundred of BILLIONS in foreign aid to strengthen the Transatlantic Monetary cooperation and Transatlantic Capital Market.

Anonymous said...

Let's bring it to a vote? You must have just fallen off of the turnip truck!
The Enumerated Powers Act has been introduced to Congress every year Rep. John Shadegg of Arizona has been in office there. Each time, it’s died in committee.
Given progressive dominion in Congress, the bill, of course, has precious little chance of making it to the floor, much less escaping the House Rules and House Judiciary Committees.

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