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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Election Time Again - Vote Choice!

Well election time is here again and I am now writing to make my suggestions on who and what to vote for. I highly reccommend you do your own research and vote for the person who would best REPRESENT you... not some one who is best likely to win. Vote choice not chance. These candidates/propositions are all for California.

For Governor: Chelene Nightingale

For Lieutenant Governor: Jim King

For Secretary of State: Merton D. Short

For Controller: Lawrence G. Beliz

For Treasurer: Robert Lauten

For Attorney General: Diane Beall Templin

For Insurance Commissioner: Clay Pedersen

United States Senator: Carly Fiorina (my real choice candidate dropped out due to illness)

United States Representative District 4: Tom McClintock

State Senator District 4: Doug La Malfa

State Assembly District 4: Ted Gaines

Proposition 19: No

Proposition 20: Yes

Proposition 21: No

Proposition 22: Yes

Proposition 23: Yes

Proposition 24: No

Proposition 25: No

Proposition 26: Yes

Proposition 27: No

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