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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop the Cap-and-Trade bill in the Senate!

Most have heard of the ridiculous cap-and-trade bill (H.R. 2454) that passed the House. This bill will increase regulations on businesses in the name of "fighting global warming". Of course all we need in this economy is more government regulations.

Many politicians say this bill will create jobs, but in reality it will increase unemployment by driving business out of the country. With increased regulation many businesses will move out of the country for lower production costs.

The Campaign for Liberty has created a petition (to oppose the Cap-and Trade bill) that when signed, will be delivered to your Senators. You can access that petition here:

Also visit the Campaign for Liberty's action page for the Cap-and Trade bill. This page has contact information to call, fax, or write your Senators. They also have pre-written letters that you can just copy and paste that make it fast and easy to write your Senators. Write them today! Here is the Cap-and-Trade bill action page:

Let's stop this bill in the Senate!

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