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Monday, April 27, 2009

Congressman Paul on the Swine Flu


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is trying to use the swine flu to perpetuate and draw others into his his paranoia. Typical of a poor loser.

"Individuals with the paranoid personality suspect, without sufficient basis, that others (including government)are exploiting, harming or deceiving them."

"Unable to accept compromise, the paranoid finds himself in constant warfare with both real and imagined adversaries seeking to control him and destroy his autonomy."

"The political paranoid needs enemies! Becoming obsessed with innocent and often minor events, the paranoid exaggerates them, then builds an entire view of the world around the events he has created. Through this scheme, he draws like-minded followers."

"Of the four types of paranoia, the persecutory is by far the most fequent and most significant. The persecutory state and grandiosity lend themselves most readily to politics."

Anonymous said...

Amen to Anonymous' comment.
Read on:

Is Ron Paul Pandering to the Paranoid?
It is clear that Paul himself is no anti-Semite. But is he pandering to the fringe when he talks about "neocons" -- which for some in this country is a codeword for the Jewish conspiracy and Jewish power in Washington -- is he aware of the effect on his more bigoted supporters?
There is the possibility that Paul is completely clueless that his anti-government rants (a subjective word but apt if you listen to his speeches or watched him in the debates) full of dark hints of conspiracy and wrongdoing by the highest officials in the land, actually ring a Pavlovian bell for the paranoid conspiracy freaks causing them to flock to his banner.
There is a dark underbelly to the Paul followers -- a ruthless, mob of internet ruffians who seek to intimidate those who would dare criticize them, or most especially, one of their pet conspiracy theories about 9/11, the "New World Order" (an amorphous term that generally means the imposition of a one world government), or something as mundane and silly as planting a computer chip in every new born in America.
Paul's accusations are not simply political disagreements, and his language is not merely critical. He is trying to demonize an entire group of people. He says we are not only wrong, but morally evil and an active danger to American society and the peace of the world. His attacks are incitements to personal violence.
The majority of Ron Paul supporters may not be haters, but I've read published comments and posts from numerous bloggers, writers, pundits, and media outlets, and have no doubt that the haters, the paranoid conspiracists, and even some anti-globalist anarchists are among the most committed and most visible of his supporters.
Is it possible that Ron Paul is unaware that by appealing to the basest emotions brought to the surface by his dark hints involving dark forces carrying out a campaign to take away our freedoms, he is giving the paranoid, the fearful, and the ignorant haters a standard to rally around?
Anonymous Also

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a Whacko! Ignore the risks of a flu pandemic and concentrate on interstate raw milk shipments?

The Spanish flu pandemic that started in 1918 was possibly the deadliest outbreak of all time. It was first identified in the U.S., but became known as the Spanish flu because it received more media attention in Spain than in other country .Experts estimate it killed about 40 million to 50 million people worldwide.

The 1957 pandemic was known as the Asian flu.. It caused about 2 million deaths globally.

The most recent pandemic, known as the Hong Kong flu, was the mildest of the three pandemics last century. . About 1 million people are estimated to have been killed by this pandemic.
Anonymous III

Anonymous said...

Strange words from a doctor! Especially since he is old enough to remember the suffering and deaths from such rapidly spreading deases as: typhoid, whooping cough, polio, small pox, measles, scarlet fever, diptheria, and a host of other highly cummunicable diseases which have been controlled or eliminated in the United States through government programs.

In 1952,the US had 22,000 cases cf paralysis from polio, but through government programs the disease was eliminated in the United States. The last polio virus was acquired in the US 1979 and by 1991,the disease was eliminated from the Western Hemisphere. By 2002, Euurope and the Western Pacific were declared virus-free. Only 7 countries remain endemic and yes, the UN is playing an important role in helping those countries eliminate polio and other communicable diseases.

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