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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Young Americans For Liberty

Some of you may have already heard about this...

A few months ago, a organization called "Young Americans For Liberty" launched out. This organization is especially for young people (ages 15-39) who really want to see good change in our country. I encourage young folks to at least sign up for their free newsletter. But if you can you can buy membership for only $10. With paid membership you are able to receive a copy of Young American Revolution national magazine in the mail. There are also other benefits you get. You can check out the website here:

I still encourage everyone at any age to join Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty. You can get an account with no cost. You get a free blog also with other benefits. Check it out here:

I believe this year we will have some hard times. But if we start now, we can spread the message of liberty across the world. Yes, the Campaign for Liberty went worldwide about a month ago. You can check all the countries profiles right on the Campaign for Liberty's website:

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