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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Ron Paul Won't Endorse McCain

Sorry for the delay in this post... I've have been EXTREMELY busy. I have little time to write this one. If you have any more questions though feel free to ask. I will reply ASAP.

Someone recently asked why Ron Paul won't endorse McCain. Well the answer is quite simple. Because they don't agree on many areas. Here's the other side of the answer though: He's already given an open endorsement to 3 of the third party candidates. Let me explain...

As many of you know McCain wants to keep the troops in Iraq....actually he not only wants to keep them there he also favors sending more over there. Now over that issue alone Ron Paul would not back McCain. In fact McCain even favors sending troops to Iran and other parts of the world.

Here is a quote by Ron Paul when asked why he wouldn't endorse McCain:

"I can not support anybody with the foreign policy he [McCain] advocates, you know, perpetual war. That is just so disturbing to me," Paul said."I think it's un-American, un-Constitutional, immoral, and not Republican."

So that is one thing Ron Paul doesn't agree on with McCain.

Another is McCain's economic policy. It is a huge mess...

There are other minor issues in which Ron Paul doesn't agree with McCain... I won't go into all of them here.

The endorsement Ron Paul gave was to 3 of the third party candidates: Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nadar, and Cynthia McKinney. All three have agreed to act on issues Ron Paul has outlined: Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, the National Debt, and monetary policy. These issues are either not addressed by McCain or they do not line up with Paul's view.

This is why Ron Paul won't endorse McCain....Hope that helps out. If you have more questions.... Just Ask!

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