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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bob Barr for President...

Hello Everyone!

Now that Ron Paul has ended his campain for President it seems that we are left up to two candidates to choose from. Both John McCain and Obama have corrupted views on many issues that are facing America today. Both are economic disasters and want to continue war in some place or another.

But just when I thought we had no hope I heard about Bob Barr. Although Ron Paul would have been the "least of the evils" Bob Barr falls next in line. Bob Barr actively supports gun ownership, favors a withdrawl from Iraq, and has a pretty good economic plan. Of course there are a few issues which I don't fully agree on with him such as his belief in global climate change. But even on that subject his view is quite appropriate as far as government involvment goes.

It is a shame that the republican party rejected Ron Paul, who was really what a republican used to be. These days sometimes you can't even tell if someone is republican or democrat.

Bob Barr, the best candidate now running, is running as the only nominee for the libertarian party. So he should be on the November ballot. I urge you to support him. Although he has a few differing views, he would be able to help turn America around for the better.

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